Die vier Farben der Himmelsrichtungen
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Barnimer Land


Barnim County 50 km north of Berlin offers unspoilt nature, lakes and lots of forests. On more than 125,000 ha the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin houses many endangered animal species such as white-tailed eagle and osprey, common crane, fish-otter and beaver. In close proximity to the banks of Lake Werbellin--with a 785 ha expanse of water—there is a 25 km long hiking trail.

  • Naturpark Barnim, ground and terminal moraine landscape, forests and heath land
  • Eberswalde glacial valley, Finow Canal, Oder-Havel-Canal
  • Schorfheide, Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin—Germany's second biggest protected area
  • Biesenthal Basin—nature reserve shaped by the Ice Age
  • Chorin hilly Woodland—an area which manifests the entire glacial series
  • Ground moraine, terminal moraine, outwash plain, glacial valley (shaped by Vistula Glaciation of 15 000 BC)


  • Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin
  • Chorin Monastery
  • Ship lift in Niederfinow
  • Zoo and Forest Botanical Garden in Eberswalde
  • Agricultural museum in Wandlitz
  • Local history museum and town wall in Bernau
  • Game park in Gross Schönebeck
  • Finow Canal and towrope path
  • Biesenthal castle
  • Half-timbered church in Tuchen


  • In the 18th century Eberswalde was a spa, since 1830 forestry has been taught here
  • Founded in 1292, Bernau prospered with cloth making shops and beer breweries. In 1432, the people of Bernau successfully defended their town against an attack by Hussites (since 1992 annual Hussites' Festivals)
  • Finow Canal, built in 1605, including the river Finow and eleven locks; on the towrope path ships were pulled by men and horses
  • Schorfheide--a traditional hunting-area due to its high population of game; for centuries a hunter's eldorado; used by  Ascanian nobility, Hohenzollern kings and emperors, Nazi officials and leading politicians of the former East German Republic

Regional Events

  • Chorin Music Summer
  • Hussites' Festival in Bernau (2nd weekend in June)
  • Spectacular Easter celebrations on Lake Werbellin
  • Finow Canal Festival in Eberswalde (in May)
  • Arts and Crafts markets in Bernau
  • Museum Festival in Wandlitz
Barnimer Land
Die vier Farben der Himmelsrichtungen
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