Die vier Farben der Himmelsrichtungen
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Thanks to the Vistula Glaciation of 15,000 years ago the Uckermark region today is characterized by flat outwash plains, rolling terminal moraines with vast woodlands, meadows, swamps, tree alleys and more than 400 lakes.

The Uckermark region is situated in the north east of the state of Brandenburg. Its borderlines are

  • in the east, Poland (river Oder)
  • in the north, the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (river Randow)
  • in the west, the Ruppin region (river Havel)
  • in the south, the 'Barnimer Land' (Eberswalde glacial valley).

In the Uckermark region you can still find unspoilt nature. 50% of the area are under special environmental protection; there are three nature reserves:

  • National Park "Unteres Odertal" in the east,
  • Biosphere Reserve "Schorfheide-Chorin" in the south, reaching into the 'Barnimer Land' region,
  • Nature Park "Uckermärkische Seen" in the northwest, bordering with the "Mecklenburgische Seenplatte".

Uckermark county is larger than the German state 'Saarland' and with only 55 inhabitants per square kilometre the least populated county in Germany.

Regionale Feste

Traditional concerts in the Uckermark region

  • March first hand trolley rides of the season
  • May mill festival in Boitzenburg (Whit Monday)
  • June Uckermark wind instrument music days in Angermünde, by bike:  'Tour de Natur' in National Park "Unteres Odertal"
  • August raftsmen festival in Lychen; tobacco blossom festival in Vierraden
  • September Park festival in Criewen; town wall festival in Templin
  • October noodle week (in the Uckermark region "Nudel" means 'potato')
  • November opening of the Christmas post office in Himmelpfort
  • May–June German-Polish music days
  • June–September Angermünde summer concerts
  • June–September Chorin music summer
  • August–September Uckermark music weeks
Die vier Farben der Himmelsrichtungen
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